Earth is Our Home

Earth is our home. There’s no question that earth is still our only living place. Though the scientists have worked so hard to find the alternative home for the earth residents, we don’t have any idea if we have to move to the red planet or just float in the space just like the one in the movie of “Wall-E”.

Unfortunately, we are not wise enough to keep this God’s creation as the way it is. Earth is created with its diversity and uniqueness to fulfill the human’s needs. However, we get too far to use all these facilities and seem ignorant with the impacts resulted. Global warming has risen to be the main issue in the last 20 years. People are started to notice that it is very crucial to slow down the pace of the warming.

SMP Raudlatul Jannah, as a brand new school, has become aware of this issue since beginning. Taking action to get involved in saving the environment is not easy, yet possible. Our students have been encouraged to concern more on the environment issue. Our first step was asking the students to bring trees and plant for the school garden on their first day of school.

We also have the farm. We planted eggplants and corn. Our next project is having the organic chili farm. We decided to have the chili farm to respond the rising of chili price in the market. Besides, planting chili is not hard as it sounds. We started from the seeds. Each student brought one chili. After released the seeds, they have to be dried up. It is going to be easier to plant the dry seeds. The seeds can be planted in the soil after 3-4 weeks, when they are dry thoroughly.

The teachers keep encouraging the students to have the environmental awareness. The students are asked to do the recycle action from the simplest things. For instance, in making the display, they use the scrap paper. This action is not only saving the paper, but also improving the sense of belonging. When the US Consulate visited our school, we use old newspaper and box to decorate the stage background. As a hand-made product, our stage turned into green, unique yet cheap display.

We were very glad to have Ms. Kristen F. Bauer visiting our school to celebrate Kartini and Earth Day. She pushed us to apply more action to save the environment. Ms. Bauer was glad that we have done something. She said we can share ideas and plans to make the earth healthier. Her visit was also raised the awareness that earth belongs to all human beings without regarding the nationality or religion. (Dwi)


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