Looked Round History in Trowulan

At 26 April 2012, the students and all teachers in SMP Raudlatul Jannah visited Mojopahit Museum, the mosque of Syeh Jumadil Kubro and Bajang Ratu Temple in Trowulan, Mojokerto. Even though some of the students had ever gone there, they were still enthusiastic.

Before we reached the museum, we went by a very big pond which called Kolam Segaran. According to tour guide, the pond has its own story. That is about Raden Wijaya’s politics to conquer his colonies. When delegation came to meet Raden Wijaya, they were served in Kolam Segaran area. They were served with golden and silver plates. Then after they finished, they threw the gold and silver into the pond. The delegation must think that Majapahit must be very rich and powerful. Actually, after the delegation go, the guards took up the gold and silver. They put a net under the water to hold up the gold and silver. At the museum, the students saw so many historical things from Majapahit’s Kingdom, from chandelier to statues.

Then, we went to a mosque in area of Syeh Jumadil Kubro’s grave. Syeh Jumadil Kubro was known as Sunan Ampel’s grandfather. The mosque is near museum. Then, we took pray and had some quizzes in a joglo around the area. The quiz became very interesting because the students were racing to answer the questions. The ones who answered correctly got rewards.

Before we went home, we stopped in Bajang Ratu Temple. There was a large beautiful garden with green grasses. Then we went home happily to Sidoarjo. The students had learned history by looking directly to where the witnesses of history from a big kingdom took place. The students’ faces became brighter, because they had earned new knowledge. (Pipit)


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